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The overall top 3 for the Tour is virtually locked in after the Pyrenees, with the likely result of the final time trial being to simply confirm the dominance of the two Sky boys, and shuffle a few of the lower places.  Prior to that, we have a 221km stage that nominally should be a sprint stage, but likely sprint teams will need to be motivated to control things  as it is a very tough day in the saddle.  Exhaustion for those who are already exhausted.

Firstly, such a long stage at such a late point is tough, and secondly, the profile (and knowing the area from races I’ve been to in previous years) is almost NEVER flat.  This is a total headwreck of a day – it is mentally exhausting to be constantly up and down little rollers, and in and out of corners.  Riders need to concentrate all day to avoid crashes and be in the right place at the right time

Translation: it wouldn’t be a surprise if the break stays away!  The responsibility will largely rest on the Orica GreenEdge boys as they haven’t been working on the front of the bunch for the past few days (unlike the Lotto, Liquigas and Sky lads, who have all been working hard for their various GC men).

I’m hoping they do the job, and Gossy delivers on the line.  He’s in good form, but hasn’t quite bopped a win yet.  Tonight is his night!  Followed by Cav then Greipel.


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We’ve had a full week since the mad dog sprinters have had a chance to shine, and I would be astonished if we had to wait another day to see them

Sagan singing an opera at Gossy (thanks to Bettini photos)

all go head to head for the win. That is not to say that the sprinters have kept quiet: we’ve had Gossy be relegated for deviating from his line against Sagan (tough 50:50 decision); Sagan dragging Nibali up the road in an attack on the Sky Supertrain (bike racing brilliance); Ty Farrar suffering from multiple wounds and hopefully recovering enough to bop a win (hardman); and Cav keeping his mouth shut. Weird.

A break will skip away, Sky will let them clear on out of Dodge, then Lotto and GreenEdge will control the peloton to bring things back together for another crack at line honours.

Gossy will be that fired up after pumping Sagan twice in a day, yet losing points in the race for the Green that I reckon he’s the man for the win today. Second to be Greipel, third Cav.

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Today we see the closing stage of the opening flurry of salvos fired in the battle for the Green Jersey.  This will be another bunch kick stage that covers 210km, and brings the race in range of the mountains and hills that will play a role in deciding the final order of the overall contenders.

Once again, there will be a break of a few riders from unthreatening teams allowed to get away by the Radioshack Nissan controlled peloton, once a certain time gap and a certain distance from home is reached, the Shack boys will be joined by riders from any of the teams who fancy their sprinters to win the day, and the break will be reeled in.  Presumably a little further out than they were last night!
There will be a few attempts to shoot off the front in the final 10km, but once the Lotto-Belisol boys get themselves organised, the train will steam along without too many lads having the ability to streak away.
The final has two 90degree corners, but shouldn’t be too hectic, and if Andre Greipel has as ggood a lead as he had yesterday, he should be a special to win it again.
Greipel from Cav from Goss.

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Stage 5 is a guaranteed bunch kick.  It is in the mold of the traditional early week flat stages of the Tour from years gone by.  It is a 197km shot across the northeast of France, coincidentally passing very close to where the Australian WW1 cemetery at Villers-Brettoneux is located.   A very moving place.

The final kilometre today (moving right along after a mildly random digression) includes a 30m climb and a very sharp left hand turn, so despite the stage itself being a bunch kick, the winner is anything but a foregone conclusion!  The corner being so sharp and so late in the race means that there will be a virtual race by the teams with leadout trains to get to that corner first, meaning Lotto Bellisol for Greipel and Orica GreenEdge for Gossy will be battling it out.

The only man thus far able to double down on his wins is Peter Sagan, and I think that statisstic will remain the same as Greipel is noted for struggling to hold his position when the sprint is hectic.  For that reason, I’m plumping for Gossy to win it (biased? Moi?) with Cav to bop a second place and Sagan rounding it out for third.

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2012 Tour de France: one sprint stage, one stage win for Cav.  The world champ was sensational in the finale of last night’s stage.  He squeezed by “The Gorilla” Andre Greipel who ran off the back of a beautifully organised leadout train.

Over the years, Cav’s dominance has been off the back of the best leadout train in the Tour, however back in 2010 he showed he could win solo after Renshaw was ejected from the race for headbutting and not holding his line (classy).   Last night he showed that he can win when someone else is running a great leadout train.

One of Cav’s great advantages is how aerodynamic he is while sprinting (elbows in, chin virtually on his bars) so he needs to push a lot fewer watts to get to warp speed when compared to his rivals.  It will be interesting to see how he goes head to head against Greipel in later stages where perhaps he’s not pushing into a headwind

Smart money has to be that he will again find away to win.  He is a freak.

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